Old Massiom D'Amour of Sheriff

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Sheriff Alpacas
Contact Name:
Caroline Barugh
North Yorkshire
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Old Massiom D'Amour of Sheriff
Date listed
1st March 2021
Date modified
1st March 2021
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On Farm
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Mobile Mate
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This week we will be introducing our stud males who are available for outside matings this summer. We will start with our new import from Germany with new genetics for the Uk. A very impressive male indeed!

⭐️OLD Massimo d' Amour⭐️ is the first and darkest son of OLD Te Amour and is now the first one to enter the UK alpaca industry.

His pedigree carries European elite genetics.

His father is OLD Te Amour. He clearly is one of the most impressive males in Europe. He is well known around the world for his outstanding fleece characteristics and longevity of those fleece characteristics. He is extremely dense, fine and uniform. His fleeces cracks open like pages in a book and shines like Luster in a Suri. OLD Te Amour won over 70 Championships in different countries including 17 supremes. 2016 and 2019 he has led Europe to a never seen popularity. He won Color Champion Fawn male, Best Crimp, Best Brightness, Spirit of the Industry and Highest Score International on the biggest fleece show in the world (AOA Fleece Show, USA). 2 times his fleece was awarded with more than 90 points. Once with his 1st fleece and once with his 5th fleece.

On his dam side he is going back to some of best Rural Alianza Lines. His dam AH Peruvian Mable, a beautiful true to type fawn female, is a daughter of AH Peruvian Vengador, who was a multiple Grand Champion in the Benelux Countries and one of the best males to his time. Still his daughters belong to the best producers on continental Europe.

OLD Massimo d' Amour is an incredible male with a fine, super dense fleece. His fibre are highly aligned and show excellent uniformity into the staple and across the body. We did a grid section of his fleece in 4 places and all came out roughly the same micron. All fibre characteristics are matched with excellent substance of bone, coverage and a macho presence.

He has just started his working career at Sheriff and we are awaiting his first cri this summer.

Please do get in touch for more information
Prizes Won:
Alpaka expo 2020 Reserve colour champion
Welt der Alpacas 2019 colour champion
Alpaca Assoc Austria 2019 2nd place brown 6-12 fleece
Alpaca Association 2019- 12-24 month 2nd fawn
AAev Show Villingen 2019- 2nd 6-12 months
Alpaca Shau Germany 2019 3rd place 6-12 months
Dark Fawn
Solid Colour:
Date of Birth:
5th May 2018
Current Age:
3 Years and 8 Months
Name of Sire:
OLD Te Amour
Colour of Sire:
Medium Fawn
Sire is a solid colour:
Sire breed type:
Name of Dam:
AH Peruvian Mabel
Colour of Dam:
Dam is a solid colour:
Dam breed type:
Date of last sample:
17th June 2019
Age of animal at last sample:
1 Year and 1 Month
Fibre Testing Authority:
Art of Fibre
Fleece Number of last sample:
Diameter (Micron) of last fleece sample:
SD of last sample:
CV of last sample:
Last sample % Fibre Over 30 microns:
Last Comfort Factor (%):
Last Yield (Kg/Year):
Last Sample Curvature:
Staple Length of last sample: