Tim Hey

In the mid nineteen nineties Tim was lucky enough to spent time in Victoria with Coricancha Alpaca Stud. Here his knowledge increased further as he gained experience in large scale alpaca farming. In 1998 he graduated from the University of Tasmania with an Applied Science degree and in 2002 he came to England to work for one of the leading alpaca producers. Here he undertook a herd manager’s role of approximately 170
Two extensive trips to Peru selecting stock for export in 2003 and 2004 increased his knowledge further as he had the pleasure of working alongside the Tijera family
(Koricancha) and Rural Alianza EPS who own 43000 alpacas. Tim qualified as a BAS judge in 2006 and has had the privilege of judging alpaca shows all over the world. He have visited China as a selection and breeding consultant on invitation from a Chinese University and Government agency.
As his own herd of alpacas grew, he left his employment and began farming full time in 2006. Along with his wife and two children, Tim now enjoys a herd of over 300 black and grey alpacas and the breeding challenges they present. Tim’s recent judging highlight was judging the 2015 Australian Alpaca Association National Show and the 2011 and 2018 BAS National Show.