Molly lives at Le Bons Bay on Banks Peninsula, in the South Island of NZ. She runs Angus lowlines and Suri alpaca on the 300 acre farm. Together with her sister Phillipa and mother Steph they have run Thistledown Suri Stud since 2002. Thistledown’s focus is on producing the highest quality fleece in black and coloured suri. Their breeding programme is
designed to encourage the positive fleece traits required for high end product made from suri. Molly is passionate about alpaca fibre and the luxurious product that can be made from it. She has been involved in numerous fibre projects and continues to champion suri fleece around the world. She has
been a key note speaker at many events abroad and running hands on workshops at home and around the world too.

Molly is an AANZ accredited Level 1 judge and has been judging since 2009 in NZ and Europe. More recently she has completed the AAA judging programme and is an accredited Australian judge.