Reminder for the Fibre Zone..

The BAS National Show will once again be hosting the hugely popular Fibre Zone Competition. This year categories will include garments, toys, yarns, household items and fabrics, or why not be daring and enter something unique into the open category.
The Penrose Fibre to Product trophy will be awarded to an entry in any category in the Fibre Zone or in the wider show that demonstrates particular ingenuity or promise to moving from artisan one-off products toward something commercially scalable that has not been seen with British alpaca before. There will also be a runner up trophy awarded.
Any item must be at least 50% British alpaca aside from the yarn classes which must be 100% UK alpaca unless otherwise stated.

It would really help the organisers (and the entrants!) if entries were received by them in advance, then the entries can be displayed at the Show to best effect.