Top tips from the professionals, part 2…!

One week to go before the BAS National Show! The guys at Toft Alpacas have kindly offered ten top tips for a successful show.

1. Continue halter training up to the event, little and often is best.
2. Put your show team into clean paddocks where they can’t pick up small branches, moss or any other debris that particularly Juniors attract.
3. Check that their microchips and eartags are still there and maybe even give the tags a wash before covering with tape before you set off for the show.
4. Trim toenails and tidy top knots if they are struggling to see. It’s surprising how much easier an alpaca moves when he can see!
5. Tidy up your show box in plenty of time. Have you got toenail clippers in there just in case you forgot or didn’t have time to do before you leave? Some people carry a spare microchip and inserter. We have in the box scissors, pens and all halters and head collars.
6. Are your white coats cleaned and ironed?
7. How many water buckets are you taking? What are you going to put the hay in ? Will it hang on your pen? Do you have troughs for hard feed?
8. Remember these show alpacas are coming off grass for at least three days. Try not to completely change their diet. Some breeders carry Buscopan in case of stomach spasms/ ache.
9. Have you got promotional / advertising material with you?
10. Bottled water for yourself can get costly at the show. Take drinks with you.

Our thanks to Shirley and Rob at