Top tips from the professionals, part 1…!

With less than two weeks to go before the eve of the BAS National Show, here are ten top preparation tips from our Gold Sponsors Barbara and Paul at Beck Brow Alpacas.

1. PAT test all electrical equipment, take extension leads and cable ties.
2. Ensure trailers have been serviced and everything is in good working order.
3. Check microchips or ear tags.
4. Recent Faecal Egg Counts or worming.
5. Trim top knots if required & toe nails.
6. Check hotel reservation and directions.
7. Make sure your alpacas are confident on a halter and practice loading them
8. Remember that you are there for 3 days so pack plenty of food for the alpacas ( we once ran out of hay!)
9. Don’t forget your poo pan and brush
10. Take a camera to capture your memories, its a great event.

Many thanks to Barbara and Paul, if you’d like more information about Beck Brow Alpacas visit