Visit to Amantani

I visited Amantani whilst in Peru earlier this year and here is a small selection of my photos. It was very satisfying to see where some of the generous BAS donations have been going and what a difference they are making. I saw all three boarding houses, met the dedicated team of teachers and helpers headed by Theresa, the charming children and the wonderful lady running the craft scheme.

DSCN0717 Weekly delivery of supplies to Amantani in Ccorca from Cusco
DSCN0760 The biggest smile from the friendliest cook
DSCN0738 The youngsters were fascinated with their photos on an iPad!!!
DSCN0764 VERY neat and tidy dormitories and the mat on the floor is where the children all sit in a circle each evening to discuss their day and sort out any problems.
DSCN0777 First the children learn on a manual Singer, then an electric and then are shown how to handle the knitting machine! This is as well as the traditional knitting and weaving skills which they are taught.
DSCN0759 The older girls’ classroom.
DSCN0762 Everyone is recorded for posterity, cared for and their progress followed whilst boarding at Amantani and where they go afterwards.
IMG_0853 Betsi, yours truly, Marizel, Theresa, Javier a visiting aid worker, and Hilda.
IMG_0852 Now I REALLY appreciate the versatility of keeping alpacas. My slippers are incredible!!! Philippa.