We are proud to announce our UK judge and welcome our overseas guest to judge the halter show:


Molly Gardner (NZ/AUS) will be judging the Huacaya and Suri females





Liz Barlow (UK) will be judging the Huacaya and Suri males





We are proud to announce our UK judge to judge the fleece show:




Jay Holland (UK) will be judging the Huacaya and Suri fleeces





click on the photo for each judge’s profile

Newman Pearce Tailoring are our Fibre Zone Judges this year

Alison Pearce & Iain Ager 

Based in their studio at London Bridge, Alison and Iain have been making clothes and helping men dress well since 2002. They see their 15 years’ experience in the aesthetics and technical qualities of suiting cloth and in designing and making clothing from fine natural materials as both a passion and privilege.

At the iknit Weekender knitting show in London in 2010, Alison, who is also a keen crafter and intermediate knitter, first encountered British alpaca yarn courtesy of the Toft stand and was instantly smitten. Over the following years, smitten turned to addiction as Alison and Iain visited farms and attended courses, read books and learnt how to shear (for which they are eternally grateful to Jay and Hilary Holland). They’re still addicted, still learning and also fully aware that they may be infamous in the BAS community as being the most educated people with no animals.

For their own part, Alison and Iain’s aim is to build a herd to enable weaving of their own cloth for making into garments. After the efforts of Titus Salt in the 19th Century, use of alpaca fibre in suitings has fallen into obscurity, however, times are changing and alpaca blends in limited designs are being seen again in the collections of the higher end cloth houses. The opportunity for British alpaca holds great promise but the journey ahead – like all things alpaca – will be a collective challenge.


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