BAS National Show 2019
Stud Service Online Auction

Donating herd: Terms and Conditions

  1. Farms may donate more than one stud male for the Online Auction.
  2. All farms donating a stud male(s) MUST be have an active Alpaca Seller account and stud male details must be up to date on the stud service page of Alpaca Seller. The Online Auction will use these details when presenting the stud male for auction on the website
  3. The organisers will choose a mixture of stud service sires in order to create a varied auction group. If a colour or type of stud service is over subscribed the BAS National Show organisers reserve the right not to use all donated stud services in the auction.
  4. Once a pledge has been made and the stud service has been added to the auction and then sold, the donating farm has committed to providing a drive by stud service to the winning bidder.
  5. The donating farm agrees to provide the winning bidder with a live cria guarantee whereby if the female bred to the donated sire does not have a live cria for more than 24 hours (24 hours being a minimum) after birth the donating farm will offer drive by services to the same female until she does. Any substitution of a female, after the original breeding, will be at the sole discretion of the donating farm and there is no implied necessity for this to be allowed.
  6. An agreement may be possible between the donating farm and the winning bidder to upgrade the stud service to a mobile service, with addition costs to be paid for by the winning bidder. This arrangement should be confirmed with the donating farm before bidding takes place. The donating farm reserves the right not to agree to carry out mobile services for the winning bidder.
  7. The donating farm is to be reasonable in finding suitable times for the winning bidders female to be bred. A suitable area for the drive by mating must be provided by the donating farm that is clean, secure and non contiguous with other animals.
  8. The donating farm has the right to turn away the winning bidder if the female presented for mating is over fleeced, too young or shows signs of sickness and/or disease.
  9. The donating farm has the right to request that the female being presented for mating has had a negative Enferplex Test in the past 30 days.
  10. The Online Auction will comprise of six stud males each week for a maximum of four consecutive weeks and the first Online Auction will start on the 18th of February. Bidding will close at 8pm each Sunday. If a bid is places within 5 minutes of 8pm then the auction will remain open until there has been a gap of more than 5 minutes with no new bids placed.


Buyer: Terms and Conditions:

  1. By placing a bid on the Auction page of the website you are committing to buy the drive by stud service for the fee listed plus VAT.
  2. If you are the winning bidder an email confirming the final bid will be sent to you and an invoice from the British Alpaca Society payable within 14 days.
  3. When placing a bid you agree to present a female (preferably a female with a cria at foot) for mating that is old enough in age, is not over fleeced and is in good health. Females, excluding maidens, that have been open for more that 12 months are not to be presented for the service.
  4. The purchased stud service is to be taken in 2019 unless agreed by the donating farm.
  5. The donating farm may have their own bio-security practices and terms and conditions for drive by servicing so it is advised that any bidders should ask about these before placing a bid.
  6. The winning bidder has purchased a drive by stud service. However, an agreement may be possible between the donating farm and the bidder to upgrade the stud service to a mobile service, with addition costs to be paid for by the successful bidder. An agreement clearly stating the terms between both parties should be made before any mobile services begin.
  7. All stud services are sold with a 24 hour minimum live cria guarantee meaning that if the female presented for service does not produce a live cria for more than 24 hours after birth they shall be entitled to have the same female serviced again.
  8. The winning bidder must be reasonable when arranging a date and time for the stud service to be carried out.
  9. The female being presented for mating must have been sheared earlier that same year.