Important documents for all halter exhibitors and visitors.
Please click on the items below to download:

Parking pass for all halter exhibitor – please display in all halter and trade stand exhibitor vehicles


The Show will be run to the BAS Show Rules 2019 Edition available by clicking here

The BAS Bio Security Guidelines will also be implemented. A copy is available by clicking here

The BAS National Show Committee are delighted to announce the Halter and Fleece Show judges for 2019:

They are Molly Gardner (NZ) and Liz Barlow (UK) for halter and Jay Holland for Fleece

After a number of years of co-judging, we bring a new and exciting change to the format for our National Show.  Lyn will be judging the huacaya and suri females, and Liz will be judging the huacaya and suri males, but all championships will be co-judged. This means that all alpacas achieving entry into the championship line ups will be seen by both judges. This gives the additional bonus of all championships being live streamed for those not able to attend the show.

The championships will be co-judged at the end of each day, ensuring an air of suspense and interest will be maintained through both days.  The final flourish will be the co-judging of the Supreme Champions at the end of day two.

The schedule of classes will remain the same as 2018 with black huacaya females starting in ring one with Lyn Dickson and white huacaya males in ring two with Liz Barlow.

In order to allow exhibitors at the Halter Show an extended period in which to choose their final show team, a pre-booking system will be available as in 2018.

Entries for the halter (Block booking) and fleece show open on Monday 3rd of December at 9 am and the halter block booking entries will close on Sunday 9th December at 9pm.  We are operating a first come first serve approach, but the entries will remain open and those after 600 will need to join a reserve list.

Maximum halter show entries will be 600. The show committee want to accommodate all exhibitors wishing to enter, so please don’t overbook. If / when the 600 limit is reached on the “manage my herd” system further entries will be taken by email at libby@grassroots.co.uk and they will be consider in order of receipt.  It will be very useful to know what the true demand is for entry slots because future shows can be planned with that number in mind.

The fleece show will remain open until 9pm on the 17th of February 2019. Entry fees for each halter entry will be £50 plus VAT and for fleece entries £25 + VAT.

Priority booking for Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will open at 9am on Friday 30th November and close at 12 noon on the same day. Sponsors will need to book by emailing number to libby@grassroots.co.uk .

We have also introduced a minimum entry to exhibit at the 2019 show. The minimum entry is set at three alpacas per exhibitor.  This has been done due to welfare concerns (leaving one alpaca in a pen) and also the high cost of floor space.

Fibre zone entries will also open on the 3rd of December and a schedule of classes can be found by clicking here
and an entry form here

Thank you for supporting your National Show and we look forward to a wonderful and exciting event.

Please keep an eye on the website www.basnationalshow.co.uk
and the show’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/BASNationalShow


Alpacas to be entered via Manage your Own Herd option on the BAS website, select Show Entries, select The National Halter Show, ONLY BAS MEMBERS WITH PRE-BOOKED PLACES WILL HAVE ACCESS, enter the number of animals to match the number of places booked in December, select the correct class for each animal and type in the last date shorn, click on Submit

IMPORTANT: All 2018 born cria must be registered with the Society and all fees paid, before the 21st of January 2018 in order for them to be eligible for entry in the show.

Entries are restricted to maximum of three entries per class (irrespective of any split classes)

There are no set limits for either Huacaya or Suri entries, maximum of 600 entries

Continuing for 2019:

– In acknowledgment of this emerging colour category, the 2018 BAS National Show will be offering four ‘Best’ awards for the following alpacas, from within the huacaya and suri multi classes (180 and 280).

Best Huacaya Appaloosa

Best Suri Appaloosa

The above awards will be given in the same way that ‘Judges Choice Awards’ are given at some fleece shows. The judges will use their discretion and experience when choosing the winners and no specific definition will be implemented. However, the following definition offers a guide to those wishing to exhibit appaloosa alpacas:

The appaloosa alpaca has six or more spots of one or more colour in the saddle, the primary colour of the saddle being a colour which is not grey.

For details on sponsoring these four Best Sashes, please email Duncan at nationalshow@bas-uk.com

– Entries for sires progeny classes (huacaya and suri) will be accepted by the owner of the sire by 12 noon on Saturday the 23th of March 2019 at the ring-side reception desk. Please click here for more info

Halter Show Running Order:

RING ONE: Huacaya and Suri Female Classes

JUDGE:  Molly Gardener (NZ)

CLASSES: Black to White


RING TWO: Huacaya and Suri Male Classes

JUDGE:  Liz Barlow (UK)

CLASSES: White to Black


FURTHER DETAILS from Mark Steele

mark@patoualpacas.com or mobile 07880542260